$150 - 60 min

Yurskin Signature Treatment

Experience ultimate luxury with our Yurskin Facial treatment. This all-encompassing experience begins with a personalized skin assessment, followed by steaming, skin-prepping, gentle exfoliation, and precise extraction. Revel in a rejuvenating facial massage promoting relaxation and improved circulation. The finale is a custom facial mask, tailored to your skin's needs, leaving you with a detoxified and radiant complexion. Suitable for all skin types, our Deluxe Facial Treatment combines opulence with expert skincare for a revitalizing experience.

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Organic Deluxe Treatment

Experience the transformative effects of the Yurskin Signature herbal peel, a comprehensive solution that removes cellular build-up, brightens skin, stimulates oxygen and blood flow, boosts collagen production, and addresses various skin concerns. This peel reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation while eliminating impurities. Feel a prickly, warm sensation during the treatment.

  • Level 1 Peel ($185): Light Peel (24hr recovery)

  • Level 2 Peel ($220): Affects the Intraepidermal layer with peeling in 2-3 days. Minimal downtime. Medium Peel (24 hr recovery)

  • Level 3 Peel ($400): An intense treatment reaching the deepest Intraepidermal layer. After 5 days, experience fresh, smooth, firm, glowing, and even-toned skin. Includes an after-care facial and take-home products. Deep Peel (5 day recovery)

Reveal your radiant, renewed skin with our Yurskin Signature herbal peel options tailored to your skincare needs.

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$350 - 90 min

Micro-Channeling Facial

Discover the pinnacle of non-invasive skin rejuvenation with our highly effective procedure. By creating thousands of micro-channels, this innovative treatment stimulates collagen production, achieving remarkable results. The tiny holes created serve as optimal pathways for the absorption of ProCell stem cell serum, a cutting-edge technology that promotes collagen and elastin growth.

ProCell addresses a spectrum of concerns, including uneven skin tone, fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks, enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, and dull-looking skin. Say goodbye to loss of elasticity as this advanced procedure revitalizes your skin, providing a transformative solution for a radiant and youthful complexion.              

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$275 - 75 min

Oxygen Infusion Facial

Experience the gentle rejuvenation of an oxygen facial—a revitalizing treatment that delicately infuses purified oxygen, along with essential vitamins and minerals, into the skin. This process stimulates collagen production, working to enhance facial features by restoring volume and firmness to skin that may have lost elasticity. Revel in the transformative effects of this nourishing and plumping treatment, revealing a more radiant and youthful complexion.

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$275 - 90 min

OxyGeneo 3 in 1

Experience the synergy of three potent skincare techniques in a single, rejuvenating session. Step one involves gentle exfoliation using a Capsugen tablet, generating carbon dioxide to effectively eliminate dead cells and impurities. Following this, a powerful blend of active ingredients— including hyaluronic acid, peptides, and antioxidants—is expertly infused deep into the epidermis for maximum effectiveness.

As the final touch, Radiofrequency (RF) therapy takes center stage, diligently tightening and toning your skin. This comprehensive approach ensures a revitalized and radiant complexion, combining exfoliation, infusion, and RF therapy for a transformative skincare experience.

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$185 - 60 min

Microdermabrasion Facial

Unveil a smoother, rejuvenated complexion with Microdermabrasion—a gentle yet effective treatment that unclogs pores and eliminates impurities. By exfoliating the uppermost layer of your skin, this non-invasive procedure stimulates the growth of new skin cells, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and mild scars.

Experience the benefits without any downtime, as Microdermabrasion can be performed on various areas, including your hands, back, neck, and chest. Elevate your skincare routine with this revitalizing treatment, achieving a fresh and radiant glow.       

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$185 - 70 min

Bye Bye Blemishes

Combat blemishes and acne with our targeted deep-cleaning facial. Clogged pores become a thing of the past as this detoxifying treatment employs extractions, potent plant-derived herbs, and enzymes to eliminate bacteria. Cold therapy soothes inflammation, while high frequency tackles current blemishes, effectively killing bacteria. The comprehensive approach includes LED light therapy for further skin treatment. Note that specific devices may be omitted based on my personalized assessment of your skin, ensuring a tailored and effective solution for your unique needs.

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$250 - 75 min


Discover the non-surgical facelift magic of Microcurrent/Radiofrequency. This advanced treatment begins with an Ultrasonic vibrational stream, swiftly removing imperfections like dead skin cells and blackheads. The ultrasonic lift leaves your skin super-smooth and elastic. Followed by a low-level voltage electrical current, Microcurrent/Radiofrequency repairs skin, stimulates collagen, and re-educates facial muscles for a firmer, tighter appearance. Experience the transformative benefits, from diminishing signs of aging to brightening your complexion. Unlock a revitalized you with Microcurrent/Radiofrequency.

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$250 - 80 min

Instant Glow & Go

Indulge in the ultimate luxury experience with our powerhouse treatment designed to leave your skin looking and feeling absolutely amazing. Perfect for special occasions or whenever you crave an instant glow, this comprehensive treatment offers a touch of everything that I customize for your skin.

Elevate your skin to a new level of refreshment, rejuvenation, and plumpness. It's not just a treatment; it's a transformative experience that enhances your natural radiance, leaving you with a complexion that exudes freshness and vitality.

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$150 - 60 min

Post Peel Facial

Revitalize your skin post peel, Morpheus8, laser treatments, and more with our perfect healing and hydrating facial. Our tailored treatment plan is designed to soothe and hydrate, addressing any post-dryness, peeling, flaking, or irritation. Utilizing organic calming enzymes, masks, and probiotics, we restore your skin's natural barrier, leaving you with a renewed, radiant complexion. Experience the healing touch your skin deserves.

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$150 - 60 min

Back Facial Treatment

Embark on a rejuvenating journey with our back facial, starting with a soothing steaming to open pores and lift impurities. A meticulous deep cleansing and exfoliation follow, ensuring a thorough purification process. The experience culminates in the application of a therapeutic mask and a blissful neck, back, and shoulder massage—your well-deserved moment of relaxation. (*Extractions provided if needed.) Revel in the revitalizing benefits of this comprehensive treatment for a refreshed and radiant back.

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$250 - 60 min

Lymphatic Body Contouring

Lymphatic drainage is body contouring treatment that works on the body's lymphatic system and circulatory system to mitigate the appearance and presence of body fat, thereby giving the skin a more even texture. Lymphatic drainage further improves blood circulation, relaxes the body, and fights localized fat. Many clients report a slimmer waist and weight loss after a massage. After a massage, your circulatory system can quickly get rid of excess fluid as well as the toxic build up.

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$110 - 45 min

Lymphatic Stomach Cavitation

Experience the transformative power of ultrasound cavitation technology, where sound waves create friction within fat cells, leading to their rupture. Paired with radiofrequency, this treatment delivers heat to tighten the skin. While not a weight loss solution, it effectively targets and burns fat in specific areas, providing a sculpting effect. Elevate your body contouring journey with this non-invasive, technology-driven approach for a more toned and tightened appearance.

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