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Eye Cream (anti aging)

Eye Cream (anti aging)

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A powerhouse eye cream that targets dark circles, puffiness, and bags under the eyes. Peptide, marine origin disaccharides, botanical extracts, and caffeine energize and targets high levels of polyamines, that activate fat breakdown, lessen under eye dark circles, and helps firm and tone the eye area.  0.5oz

* A little bit goes a long way and can last you a couple of months! 

pH 4.2 - 4.7


  • Improves tissue firmness
  • Removes waste substance
  • Lessens under-eye dark circles
  • Reinforces firmness and tone of the eye area
  • Activates the elimination of blood originated pigment responsible for dark color and inflammation
  • Rich in Omega
  • Vitamin C
  • Protects from free radicals


    On cleansed skin, dispense a drop of product and tap gently under each eye area exhibiting puffiness. Use daily morning and/or evening as required. May be used over eye serum.  

    Ingredient Benefits: 

    • Adansonia Digitata Pulp Extract: Originating from the African Baobab tree, sometimes referred to as "the upside-down tree", this exotic extract combats skin aging, firms and moisturizes the skin, immediate anti-wrinkle effect, radiance smoothing effect energizes skin, silk touch, helps tighten and tone the skin, and refreshes the skin.
    • Haloxyl: A peptide blend that lessens under eye circles. These two matrikines firm and tone, as well as eliminate blood originated pigments responsible for the dark circle color and local inflammation under the eyes.
    • Caffeine: Constricts blood vessels under the skin, helping to reduce eye puffiness.
    • Slim-Excess: Clinically proven to reshape facial contour for a younger appearance.A red algae hydrolysate that hinders the activity of spermine and spermidine, proven polyamines present in obese structures.
    • Ruscus Aculeatus Root Extract: Is a low evergreen Eurasian shrub that constricts blood vessels helping to fade dark circles under the eyes. Anti-inflammatory.
    • CellActive: SHAPE activates fat breakdown, promotes the removal of waste substances and improves tissue firmness.
    • Biophytex LS9832: boosts microcirculation to improve evenness of skin tone, offers local soothing, anti-couperose, and anti-eye dark circle benefits. Protects blood capillaries, reinforces their strength and has an overall skin soothing, calming effect. Optimal pH level.
    • Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract: Related to basil, peppermint, thyme, and salvia. Anti-inflammatory, firming agent. Botox-like.
    • Chlorella Vulgaris/Lupinus Albus Protein Ferment: Skin lightening, skin conditioning, skin protecting.
    • Shea Butter: Anti-inflammatory. Contains the beneficial acids: oleic, stearic, palmitic, and linolenic. Incredibly nourishing and moisturizing for the skin. Helps strengthen and heal the skin.         
    • Tocopheryl Acetate: A form of Vitamin E known for its antioxidant properties. Prevents damage to skin caused by free radicals from UV exposure. Is anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and enhances SPF properties. Natural skin conditioner.
    • Sunflower Seed Oil: Anti-acne, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, Vitamins A, C, E, fatty acids.


    Aqua (Purified Water), Caffeine, Arachidyl Alcohol and Behenyl Alcohol and Arachidyl Glucoside, Water, Alcohol Denat., Caffeine, Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract, Chlorella Vulgaris/Lupinus Albus Protein Ferment, Helianthus Annus (Sunflower) Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Cetearyl Alcohol, Water (and) Butylene Glycol (and) Pentylene Glycol (and) Sodium Chloride (and) Hydrolyzed Rhodophycea Extract (and) Xanthan Gum, Glyceryl Monostearate, Lauryl Lactate, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Fruit, 1,2 Hexanediol, Caprylyl Glycol, Tropolone, Water (and) Adansonia Digitata Pulp Extract (and) Xanthan Gum, Propyl Gallate (and) Gallyl Glucoside (and) Epigallocatechin Gallatyl Glucoside, Water (and) Butylene Glycol (and) Panthenol (and) Escin (and) Glycerin (and) Ruscus Aculeatus Root Extract (and) Ammonium Glycyrrhizate (and) Centella Asiatica Extract (and) Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein (and) Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, Tocopheryl Acetate, Water (and) Glycerin (and) Steareth-20 (and) N-hydroxysuccinimide (and) Chrysin (and) Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide- 7. 

    DisclaimerYurskin product ingredients are updated periodically. Please read the ingredients list on the packaging of your product to be sure that the ingredients are suitable for your personal use. Keep in a cool, dry place. For cosmetic use only. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Avoid contact with eyes. If needed, do a patch test on the inside of the wrist to ensure skin compatibility. 

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